Calling All Heroes: Crusaders Has Arrived!

Happy Geek Pride Day!

To mark the occasion, Crusaders: Book Two of the Minutemen is now available for purchase in hardcover, paperback, and digital at more than a dozen retailers worldwide!

A year has passed since the first superheroes appeared, and now they’ve formed the first superhero team: The Minutemen.

As the world struggles to adapt to the presence of superpowered people in its midst, extremist groups form. One group worships them, while another seeks to eliminate what they view as a threat to a pure human race.

Meanwhile, forces within the government clash over how to address the growing superhuman population: do they allow superheroes to continue to exist, or will the heroes find themselves on the wrong side of the law?

Get your copy today!

Crusaders cover


ISBN 9798990361720



ISBN 9798990361737


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