Cover Reveal!

Big news for 2024!

I’ve finished off the covers for not only the book I’m currently writing, Crusaders, but also the next book I will be writing and have set for a Christmas 2024 release: Have Yourself a Post-Apocalyptic Christmas.

A year has passed since the first superheroes appeared, and now they’ve formed the first superhero team: The Minutemen.

As the world struggles to adapt to the presence of superpowered people in its midst, extremist groups form. One group worships the superhumans as a new pantheon of gods in the mold of ancient Greece and Rome. Another group breaks away from the Ku Klux Klan, and seeks to eliminate what they view as a threat to a pure human race.

Meanwhile, forces within the government clash over how to address the growing superhuman population: do they allow superheroes to continue to exist, or will the heroes find themselves on the wrong side of the law?

Coming May 2024!

The undead have risen, but that doesn’t mean Christmas is canceled!

In this collection of short stories, even the undead can’t stop the Christmas spirit!

  • Saint Nick battles his way through zombie hordes, not to deliver presents, but to bring as many of the living as he can to sanctuary at the North Pole.
  • After a telemarketing call center manager refuses to allow his staff to leave to spend the holiday with their families, let alone to seek safety in an apocalypse, he is visited by three familiar spirits.
  • A man is turned and joins the undead… but his spirit hasn’t moved on, and he finds himself haunting his own zombified body.

With these and other stories, you too will Have Yourself a Post-Apocalyptic Christmas

Coming December 2024!

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