A Day in the Lockdown

As a security officer for a grocery distribution warehouse, I’m an essential employee. I’m also a writer, and a chronicler of Star Trek minutiae. As one might imagine, that keeps me fairly busy, even during the current, ongoing lockdown.

When this first started, I spent nearly two months pulling an extra day of overtime, for a total of six days per week, until my employer hired an additional security officer to pick up everyone’s extra shifts. I have my weekends again, even if the days are split and don’t fall in the traditional weekend. It’s been a challenge, but I’ve still managed to find time to work on my creative endeavors.

During the week, from Tuesday through Thursday, I work from 2 am until 10:30 am, and from 5:30 am to 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. This gives me a few hours on each of those evenings, plus my “weekends” on Mondays and Fridays, to write. I usually take a nap for a few hours on weekdays after returning home from work, and I wait until after my wife and I have shared dinner to work on my writing. Sometimes we’ll watch television or a movie together, but usually we work on whatever projects appeal to us at the moment, and we continue to talk to one another throughout the evening as our dog, Lucky, provides entertainment through his usual antics.

I try to get to bed each night early enough to get enough sleep before having to go back to work the next day; I’m usually successful. My schedule can be a bit monotonous at times, but I’m glad that I am still able to work, pay the bills, and take care of my family.

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