It’s official: I really am a writer

The past week has been simply amazing.

Not only did I mark my debut as a GM for a new campaign of the Star Trek Roleplaying Game, but not one, not two, but THREE things I’ve written have come out, and I think they’re just amazeballs.

First (and second) off: my comic book, which saw the release of issue 2 and the re-release of issue 1, in a revised Second Edition:

The Protectorate #1 Second Edition The Protectorate #2

And thirdly, an ebook memoir that I’ve been working on for the better part of a year was released on Amazon. I included it in a free release promotion, and the response has been astounding.

[amazon asin=B008H7HIF8&template=image&chan=default]

I expected only a handful of downloads of the book during the free promotion, but within the first 24 hours, the book shot up the day’s free ebooks bestseller list, claiming #1 in Military Biography, #6 in Biography, #56 in Nonfiction, and #305 overall. I’m simply astounded at this response, and hope that the book is able to generate enough interest and good reviews to carry that momentum over when it goes back into regular sales on Tuesday.

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