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Month: July 2012

A Look at Stardates

Originally created in order to indicate that Star Trek was set in some undefined future era without actually having to say exactly when the series took place, stardates were little more than largely-random numbers at first. By the time Star Trek: The Next Generation aired, decades later, a more logical, consistent formula was created for stardates: 1000 “star-days” passed per year, which was indicated by the first two digits of the now-five-digit stardate (the better to indicate that nearly a century had passed since the original Star Trek series).


While I won’t be able to get a booth or a table in the Artist’s Alley, I’ll still be at Comic-Con this year. I plan to attend a number of the panels concerning independent comics, but I’ll probably be wandering around the dealer room when I’m not attending a panel. I’ll definitely have my Bandwidth Comics ball cap on, as well as a Bandwidth Comics shirt of some kind.