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Am I worthless?

Am I worthless? This question has plagued me again and again throughout my life, and it plagues me once more. I’m an intelligent guy. I’d like to think I’m not unattractive. I’m hard working and adaptable. So why is it my life seems to suck so much? From my love-hate relationship with my time in the military, my apparent inability to get so much as a date, and my current financial woes leaving me unable to pay my rent or buy food, I find myself asking the question again.

Back to school

Back to school
Back to school
To show my dad
I’m not a fool
– Adam Sandler, “Billy Madison”

Yes, the time has, at last, come to pass.  I’ll be returning to school in just under two weeks for summer classes at Fullerton College. I’ve enrolled and registered, and yesterday I (finally) met with a counselor to sort out my plan for the next year or so, and to fill out and file the paperwork to get my GI Bill payments started.