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Aiming High in the Air Force: 2003, Part One: Combat Stinkin’ Mobile

Combat Stinkin’ Mobile

After spending the holidays with my family, I took my car, which had been sitting in my mom’s driveway in Iowa since I had left for Basic Training in August, and drove myself back to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. I returned a couple days early, so I didn’t have to go back to my classes immediately. I was nearly finished with my training; only a few more tasks remained ahead of me.

Service before self

Map showing Baumholder’s location

At the end of 1990, American servicemembers began to build up in Saudi Arabia, along the border that country shared with Kuwait. This action, Operation Desert Shield, was precipitated by the fact that Kuwait had been invaded by its larger neighbor to the North, Iraq. While these events were front-page news across the globe, they had an immediate, direct impact on my life, as I was a teenager growing up in Baumholder, an Army post in Germany.

Where will the violence at Columbine carry us? Take up the cross and guide your children

Originally published in the Fullerton College Hornet, Vol. 78, Issue 23; 28 Apr 1999

The Columbine High School massacre has left the nation scarred.

It is a sensitive topic. I felt revulsion at the thought of teenagers murdering one another. I felt anger that firearms were used to inflict such senseless violence.

The fault lies not with the guns. The fault is with those who pulled the trigger.