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Highway to Hell: The Rise and Fall of the Somali Republic

This is the third and final paper I had to write for my English class. The assignment was, effectively, to write a history paper with a personal interview and research to support that interview. For mine, I interviewed my friend, Darren, who served in Somalia while he was in the Army. I’d initially intended for the paper to focus on his time in Somalia, but it quickly morphed into the history of Somalia from WWII to the present.

Back to school

Back to school
Back to school
To show my dad
I’m not a fool
– Adam Sandler, “Billy Madison”

Yes, the time has, at last, come to pass.  I’ll be returning to school in just under two weeks for summer classes at Fullerton College. I’ve enrolled and registered, and yesterday I (finally) met with a counselor to sort out my plan for the next year or so, and to fill out and file the paperwork to get my GI Bill payments started.