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OK, I realize that I work at a school that’s 97% hispanic. I understand that the environment that they live in is pretty far from what I grew up with. But why is it that we have an assembly to honor Cesar Chavez, which I have no problem with, and the speakers invited devolve into lies and hate speech reminiscent of Obama’s pastor?

One of them told the students in no uncertain terms that their teachers were lying to them, changing history, and that Thomas Edison was really a Mexican named Tomas Edison! Edison’s family was of Dutch origin! His father immigrated to the US from Canada! He was born in Ohio! The students reaching voting age this year were urged to vote for Obama or Clinton. Anti-white rhetoric was being spouted.

I was, to say the least, more than a little offended. I stayed for the entire assembly, but I saw other teachers and staff members – and not just whites – leaving the auditorium in disgust. I witnessed one of the teachers, the son of immigrants from India, complaining to one of the administrators who stood idly by during all this about how inappropriate not just the racist comments but the political pandering was in a school setting.

And, on a related note, what the heck is with the MEChA (Mexican, E-something, Chicano Association) flag? It looks like the flag used by Nazi Germany! Do they even realize this? If they do, don’t they care? One would think a comparison like that would undercut their position… But don’t take my word for it; I took a photo:

MEChA flag

And here’s an image of a Nazi flag for comparison:

Nazi flag

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  1. Looking back on this I noticed something else that gets my ire… the MeChA flag is to the right of the American flag. Again, not cool. Not only does their flag look like something out of Nazi Germany, but they’re also flaunting the Flag Code (the U.S. flag is always to its right of all other flags, the U.S. flag is never dipped, etc).

    And the speaker? Not only was he asked back by the principal for the assembly we had this year, he also again said Thomas Edison (now Tomas Avila Edison) was Mexican… and so was Walt Zamora Disney… oy vey…

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