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Political parties converge on campus

Originally published in the Fullerton Student Journal, Vol. 1, Issue 3; 4 Mar 2000

Fullerton College resounded with the sounds of political activism March 2, as representatives of five political parties packed the patio in front of the Cadena/Transfer Center.

Republican and Reform party representatives looked on as members of the Democratic, Green and Libertarian parties urged students to vote against Proposition 22, which was ultimately approved by a majority of voters statewide March 7.

Their tables lined up against the wall of the Student Center and facing the patio, enthusiastic supporters pushed their parties’ goals and handed passers-by party literature and even hemp paper.

“As human beings,” said Doug Scrivner, vice-chair of the Libertarian Party of Orange County, “we should be able to do what we want to do, so long as we hurt no others.”

“If we fail to react to the erosion of civil liberties,” said the Green Party’s R.J. Schwichtenberg, “then … there will be no coming back.”

“We’re a party that wants to use government to fix itself,” said Ray Mills, State Secretary of the Reform Party and candidate for the State Assembly. “Government … has really gotten off-track from the way it was meant to work.”

The Republican Party wants “to make changes and keep things conservative,” according to party member Bill Perkins. “It’s better than not having rules at all.”

Democrats are “right on the issues,” said Orange County Democratic Party Chair Jeanne Costales, including public education, public health, jobs and access to opportunity. “Things that you as an individual cannot provide for yourself. We (need) gun control; you can’t trust yourself with guns.”

The event was organized by the Political Awareness Club, which is headed by Lesley Roberts, Rebecca Breska and Kathy Morad.

The club, which has not been active since the early 1980s, plans the International Herstory Day for March 16, to celebrate Women’s History Month.

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